Why us

  • Semi-automated mix and dispenser system, composed of a dual component cartridge static mixer and a hand-held dispenser for maximum convenience. The system precisely measures, mixes and dispenses the correct amount of pre-colored adhesive, providing consistent result, fast and uniform solidifying, unsurpassed adhesion strength and minimal waste.
  • Over 350 standard colors palette, perfectly matched the variety of colorful indoor and outdoor materials such as: solid surface, engineered stone, plastics, ceramics, glass, natural stone, solid laminate, rubber and steel available on the market. Individual approach and fine-tuning of the tint development for each customer.
  • Two optional viscosity levels and two optional fixation times for solving any production complexity.
  • Uniquely long shelf life (up to 36 months)
  • Unsurpassed bonding power
  • Easy seam processing
  • Reliable resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weather conditions.
  • The optimum viscosity ensures the manufacture of high-quality products with a minimum of rejects and waste.
Fast delivery and shipping time to any EU country from production located in the center of Europe.